Notable Bach(a)rach Descendants

Artists and Cultural Figures

  • Burt Bacharach (popular American composer, musician)
  • David Bachrach (19th century American photographer, known for his images of the Gettysburg Address), born in Neukirchen. June 2021 Article in Smithsonian Magazine.

Famous Rabbis and Scholars

  • Jair Chaim Bacharach (1638-1702) –Talmudic scholar, rabbi in Koblenz, Worms. Great-great-grandson of the Maharal of Prague.
  • Jacob Bacharach, AKA Yakov Krakauer (1650-1704), rabbi in Trebic and Krakow
  • Tuviah Bachrach (?-1659), rabbi martyred in Ruzhany, Belarus
  • Jacob ben Moses Bachrach, AKA Ba’al ha-Ma’amarim or Jacob ha-Bachri, (1824-1896), rabbi in Sejny